PolyTech has expanded its lightning expertise

We are thrilled to announce that GLPS is now part of PolyTech. This means that PolyTech can now – from start to finish – deliver everything required from a lightning protection project for the most advanced wind turbines while ensuring a faster


We deliver worldwide solutions
to the global wind, building & plants
and aerospace industries.

Wind energy

As the height and complexity of modern wind turbines reach new levels and more and more turbines are erected on extreme sites, their exposure to lightning increases. With more than 20 years of experience, we have made it our focus to service the global wind power industry with professional lightning products and services.

A GLPS wind energy solution covers the entire wind power plant from the tip of the wind turbine blades, through the bearings and rotating structures, close to complex power and control systems in the hub, nacelle and tower, and onward to the earthing system integrated in the tower foundations.

We also utilise our engineering and installation capabilities to keep the substation and power distribution protected – an important part of the overall lightning protection of the wind plant.

Building & plants

Modern and preserved buildings, military installations and complex production plants are all susceptible to direct lightning strikes and indirect effects. Our specialised team of technicians are trained and experienced in protecting buildings, installations and outdoor plants.

Delivering a complete protection concept, we start with the protection against damages from direct strikes to building exteriors and connected power and communication services. All potential entry points need to be well protected to prevent damages to the building and its installations.


Aerospace vehicles are complex in design, functionality and construction. We specialise in advanced numerical modelling and large-scale laboratory testing and are able to verify the direct effects of lightning in accordance with relevant international aircraft test standards.

We are meticulous in our design and testing of materials, subsystems and larger components including its protection and measures, knowing this is what it takes to ensure a safe landing every time.

Indirect effects analysis is conducted using professional 3D FDTM software in order to calculate pin voltages and cable surge currents. Direct effects tests are conducted in our full-featured lightning laboratory.

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